Vote in your Precinct – find your voting location for Nov 4

Here are places you can look up your precinct voting location for Election Day, November 4, 2014:

 Look up by voter name at State Board of Elections website. (You can also print out a sample ballot to study and bring with you so you can vote on ALL the contests on both sides of the ballot)

Look up by street address at State Board of Elections website.


Due to changes in our NC election laws, if you are voting on Election Day, November 4, 2014, you must vote at your own precinct polling place in order to be sure your ballot is counted.  If you go to a different location in your county, they will offer to let you vote a provisional ballot. But it is unlikely your provisional ballot will be counted. (If you file a provisional ballot for another reason other than being at the wrong polling place, they may be counted.) Your polling location may not be the closest one to you.  If you are on the border of another precinct, their polling place may be right across the street from you but your place to vote is farther away.

If you need a ride to get to your correct polling location, call the Democratic Party at:  919-519-5592


Lots of other election information links at WRAL,

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