Rides to election day polls

If you need a ride to your voting location on election day, November 4, 2014  please call the Durham Democratic Party at:  919-519-5592

If you want to volunteer to take people to polls,  just show up at 2515 Apex Highway on election day.

You can also offer rides to neighbors.   You know your neighborhood best so you’ll know where folks gather who might need a ride. Post an offer to give rides to the polls on your neighborhood list-serv. Check the bus stop. Make sure you look up the voter to be sure of their Voting location!

Help people find their correct poll location on election day.  Google “NC voter search” and book mark the website.  Check yourself and all your friends (you can get a sample ballot there too)  Remember, provisional ballots filed in a different voting location than your own precinct may not be counted this year. Learn how to help people be sure they are at the correct poll on election day.  (Early voting won’t have this problem as you can vote anywhere in your county during early voting Oct 23 – Nov 1 at 1 pm.)



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