Working in Precincts

The best way to get involved is through your precinct!

If you don’t know your precinct, look it up here.

Current list of Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs can be found here.

*** 2018 Precinct Site Selection Instructions ***

Precinct Trainings open to any Precinct Leader in Durham County :

In order to offer appropriate training for our Precinct Leaders, our Training Team has developed a training schedule and Precinct Questionnaire. Any Durham precinct leader or member of the Co. Exec. Committee is welcome to attend any of our training sessions at Rogers-Herr Middle School, 911 W Cornwallis Rd, in Room 112.

  • Sat, Nov 18, 10am- Session for the Annual Pct. Mtg
  • Tue, Nov 28, 7pm- Session for the Annual Pct. Mtg
  • Mon, Dec 4, 7pm- Session for the Annual Pct. Mtg
  • Sat, Dec 16, 10am- Session for the Annual Pct. Mtg
  • Sat, Jan 13, 2pm- Getting to Know Your Pct. #1
  • Tue, Jan 23, 7pm- Getting to Know Your Pct. #2
  • TBD- Getting to Know Your Pct. #3

For general questions about precincts, contact 1st Vice Chair, Natalie Murdock, at or (336) 207-0360.

For questions about precinct training, contact 2nd Vice Chair, Dov Rosenberg, at

For assistance from our Databusters Team in creating good lists to help in your precinct work, email 

A precinct training manual is under construction. View it here and feel free to offer comments.